Questions no one has asked us but thought they might??

What does Radicool Dude even mean?

Radicool Dude pretty much means just that!! To break it down for you....

Rad (adjective) excellent or impressive; "His style is so rad!!"
Radical (adjective) characterized by departure from tradition; innovative or progressive
Cool (noun) the quality of being fashionably attractive or impressive
Dude (noun) a stylish and confident person; often as a form of address "Hey dude, whats up?"

This all ads up to create one RADICOOL DUDE

Where can i purchase these products.... they are the most amazing products I've ever seen?

Hey that's a really great question. If you click on the stockists link at the top of our page you will find all our current stores (handpicked by us). They are the very best retailers in New Zealand so enjoy shopping with your local. We will also have limited stock available to purchase through this website if you are unable to find what your looking for.

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